Hedex – Forever EP


Four brand new cuts from 19-year old producer Hedex make up DUBZ014, the new Forever EP on Dubz Audio. Hedex’s rise has been meteoric, and he is now playing regularly around the world, as well as producing tracks like those on the EP.

The EP has been supported by the likes of DJ Guv, Brockie, Grooverider, Majistrate and Dubz Audio owner Guv, who always goes above and beyond when it comes to bringing out the best music from the underground and beyond. Prepare yourself for the beats and the bass of the Forever EP.

We begin with the title track, an invigorating trip into the mindscape of the producer, who introduces the track with a floating, vocal-led beginning, before dropping the beats for all he’s worth. We’re taken deep, deep down after the drop, with sharp, metallic effects and a pounding, collapsing beat alongside. The vocals still provide some light, but this one’s pretty heads-down and earth-shaking in its outlook throughout.

Next is Do It, a strident, forceful call-to-arms, where Hedex throws his entire weight behind the track, leaving nothing behind. Upfront, hectic drums underpin some edgy, warping samples and futuristic sensibilities. This one is going to rock and shock the world, so get ready to just Do It.

Lean into Leaning, up next. Flashy breaks kick the track off, soon replaced by stealthy electronic beats and shuffling hi-hats. Hedex adds in layers of bass next, moulding and shaping the track into something huge. Hedex represents the future of drum & bass, and he does it well on the Forever EP. Dubz Audio have struck gold once again, making sure that the release is a must for all fans of fresh new jump up d&b.

We close up with the Jupiler VIP, where the producer takes things to the next level. Get ready for something extra special as Hedex launches into the stratosphere, taking the music far, far
into the future.

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