Dubz Audio Sample Pack Volume 1 Hedex


We bring to you the 1st in a series of dubz audio sample packs.

The 1st edition is by a man who has been making serious moves within the jump up scene ‘Hedex’
This sample features 10 native instruments massive presets, 10 kick drums, 10 snare drums, 10 hi hats as well as pads, strings, risers and sfx

Tip: Layer different drums etc and backward engineer the massive presets to gain an understanding of synthesis thus creating your own unique sounds, or you could just use the preset sounds straight out the pack as they are engineered to the highest quality

Also here at dubz audio we have decided to give the undiscovered talent a chance, so we encourage you to submit what you regard as your best  2 songs created with this sample pack to dubzaudiomusic@outlook.com
We will pick 4 winners who will then go on to have there music released on dubz audio! the ep will also feature a song from the creator himself ‘hedex’

Please note your entry must also contain proof of purchase! a simple screen shot of your reciept is fine

Good luck

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