Get ready for four massive tunes from the one DJ Guv, as he launches his new VIP EP on his own Dubz Audio label. Including 4 versions of previous releases, Guv mines his hit singles, adding in tracks from his Slice & Dice EP amongst others.

Dubz Audio is the brainchild of award-winning DJ and producer Guv, who, in between DJing dates, radio appearances and more, puts his heart and soul into the imprint, The Hackney-based collective are always striving for the best, only putting out the hottest drum & bass beats, like those on the new VIP EP.

The four-track EP kicks off with Gangster VIP 2, a mean, moody and marauding track which picks up quickly, exploding out of your speakers after the drop. Massive saw bass and enough attitude to fill a stadium are the orders of the day, as Guv starts as he means to go on.

This is followed by the VIP of Spinning Method, which maintains the vibe with electronic effects and pounding, militaristic beats. The whole package is funky, flowing and futuristic, and Guv shows off his skills on every track.

He teams up with Majistrate on the Dirty Cops VIP, unleashing the madness in tandem, with the track building its way out of its intro and into full flight. You’ll be headnodding and skanking away to this one, as the rhythm takes hold and takes you into the underground world of Guv and Dubz Audio. Hard, unrelenting and contagious, the rave won’t be able to hold this one back.

Closing things out is the massive VIP of the equally huge Limb By Limb. This one’s a pure bubbler, the ragga influence coming through early, before pure jump-up takes over. A must for the dancefloors, and a perfect end to the EP.

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