Dubz Audio are back in effect, and back to destroy. Their latest release, DUBZ011, sees Turno deliver two tunes which have already had support from massive names like DJ Guv, Grooverider, Brockie and Majistrate, plus many more. With names like that, you know you are in for the real deal with these two tracks.

Dubz Audio came about back in 2008, representing East London, always a heartland for the music. The label has seen releases from Guv, Majistrate, Decimal Bass, Hedex and Dominator, and the latest offering from Turno fits right in with the imprint’s sound. Prepare yourselves for Iceman and Engaged.

Iceman freezes into life, frosting its way through the intro, slowly bubbling up from below, with T urno turning on the atmospherics from the get go. But it’s not long before the temperature rises, with banging basslines never far away. The producer keeps the beats constant after the drop, cutting things up nice and sharp, mixing up the low end with an impressive range of samples and effects. You can just tell that the crowds are going to love this one, developing as it does serious, resonant piano and loads of straight ahead madness. Something different, and very effective, from Dubz Audio.

Engaged meanwhile, features Dominator, and is every equal to its predecessor. Ramping things up from the start, the two artists play off each others’ strengths, mashing up the track and the dancefloor. This is straight up heavy, warping and morphing its way into your brain. The beats crush you, as the bass slams you around, never letting go and never letting up. Music to melt your mind, and mess up the clubs.

Turno, along with Dubz Audio, has produced two tracks of the finest heavyweight drum & bass for 2015. Makes sure you are involved in this one, it will not disappoint.